Schizo Fanzine #5

(update: july 26 2010.)

Yes, at least it's out. A month delayed, but I had some problems with my computer and the weather have made me lazy. But now... You will as usual have a few different ways to read, download, print, trade, sell... and it's FREE to download. If you wanna print it for your distro or trading, don't sell it too expensive. And it's no copyrights, but it would be nice if you inform me just for my own knowledge.

1. Download the PDF-file page 1-48

2. Read it on Issuu. If you sign up will you be able to download it there too

3. Download and print your own copy (where the pages are sorted for that purpose)
Print Pdf-page 1, turn the paper and print Pdf-page 2. New paper, print pdf-page 3, turn and print
Pdf-page 4... etc... it will be 12 papers - 48 pages. Get in touch if you don't understand

And if you wanna read it right here... here you are

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Postat av: Anonym

What happened to the Andi interview?

2010-10-20 @ 20:53:09
Postat av: Annika Granstedt

Tycker mycket om det du skrivit! Trevligt att se lite fina saker och inte endast det generella grejerna som man kan se om typ alltid. ;)

2010-12-02 @ 14:17:36

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