Schizo Fanzine #3

Yeah, only two days delay, that must be the shortest delay for a fanzine ever? Haha.

We do as usual because Schizo Fanzine is F R E E Here's three options

1. Click here if you wanna read Schizo Fanzine page 1 - 40 on the net
You can sign up on issuu and download the pdf, but you don't need to sign up for reading

2. Click here for the printable file [pages are sorted for printing]
You have to sign up for issuu

3. Click here if you wanna download the printable file from Sky Drive
You will find both #1 and #2 here too. Click on Schizo #3 print. OBS! If you download from
this link maybe the file will be namned .pdf_ , just  erase the _ (underline) and you will
be able to open the pdf-file

* Please report to me if you can't download or if you have any other questions
schizodistro @

* Distros, feel free to print how many copys you want, but try to hold the
price as low as possible. Maybe you can trade against a beer or something else

* I hope next issue will be out in February (The girls vs. punk focused issue)

Read Schizo #3 right here

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