Schizo Fanzine #4

Ohoy, just 1 day delayed. New record. Here it is: Schizo Fanzine #4

This issue is very much dedicated to the girls in the punk scene. The interviews are with girl bands, and all other stuff except the ads and the reviews are written by girls, from all over the world and from all different kind of punk genres.

Fuck proofreading and fuck multinational fucking bastards who try to get rich in the name of punk

You will as usual have different options to choose. And remember, everything is FREE. Read it for free on the net, print it for free. Make your own copys for your distro. There is NO fucking (C). Just take what you want, but it would of course make me glad if you tell me what you do. Just Do It Yourself

1. Click here if you want to read Schizo #4 Page 1-40 on
(You can download the document as well if you become a member on That's free)

2. Click here if you wanna get Schizo #4 as a printable PDF-file and make your own copy
(You need to be a member on if you wanna download. But that's free)

3. You can also download Schizo #4 Page 1-40 from
Download link:
(That's a great punk community wich I really recommend you to join)

(Please, respect that I don't send any paper copys, I can't afford that. But feel free to make your own copys. Distros, if you don't wanna join, contact me and I will send you the document by email)

Read Schizo #4 right here.

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hi guys. just let u know that i link ur blog address at my blog. thanx. :)

2010-03-25 @ 05:34:51
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och det här har du kopierat var i från ?

2010-07-22 @ 04:10:38
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