Schizofrehn Fanzine #2

Right in is Schizo Fanzine #2

Read Schizo Fanzine #2 on the net, just click on the link below
Schizo Fanzine #2 :

If you wanna make a real fanzine copy, here's the file with the pages sorted so you
can print it out on the front and backside of the paper. It will be totaly 9 papers
If you don't understand, but want to make a fanzine, dont hesitate to contact me
at It's totaly free to make your own copys, print them
out and trade for a beer or what you want. Don't sell them too expensive.

Distros, feel free to print some copys for your distro. But please contact me before

Schizo Fanzine #2 for fanzineprint

If you wanna contribute in #3, send me a mail.
Visit me at myspace,

Read Schizo #2 right here:

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