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Schizo Fanzine #6 update

The last PDF files for  Schizo Fanzine #6 was too compressed so ads, pics and some other shit was not possible to read. I have compressed them now with better resolution, so feel free to download Schizo #6, and choose between if you wanna read it on the screen, or if you wanna download the pdf so you can print your own copy and read it wherever and whenever you want.

And oh, the paper copys of Schizo #6 will soon be out.

Download Schizo Fanzine right here:

[Download PDF page 1-52]

[Download PDF page sorted to make your own copy]

If you see anyone with this t-shirt this spring/summer, will it just be me.

Schizo Fanzine # 1-6 [update]

I have update this shit because some of the links was dead. So here is all issues of Schizo Fanzine available to download both for reading and for printing your own copy. Schizo #6 will also be out as a paper version. I hope you will enjoy this, don't forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions, tips, bad or good critics. If you wanna get in touch, write to: [email protected]

You can still check out all issues right on the screen (from Issuu) if you scroll down

Schizo Fanzine #1

Besthöven, Disagreed Fanzine, Burnt Cross, Pipes and pints and Harrington Saints
[Download PDF page 1-24]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #2 (East europe theme)
Inepsy, Saturdays heros, Filthy Charity, Pints & Punx, Drunk Nach Osten, Campus Sterminii/Giuda, Black tartan clan
[Download PDF page 1-36]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #3 (Fanzine theme)
Gonna get your, The Nightmare continues, Project Hopless, Sir Reg, Maniatikatz, Forfucksake, Ungov Resistance
[Download PDF page 1-40]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #4 (Females and punk theme)
Deadly seven, Glidslem, Körsbärsfettera, The Baby Shakes
[Download PDF page 1-40]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #5
AUK, Iszonyat, Dead Subverts, Under al kritik, Atomic Pollution,
Wages of fear, Radical Roots Fanzine, Screaming from the gutter
[Download PDF page 1-48]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #6 (Punk Illegal 2010 theme)
Al-Thawra, Zudas Krust, Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Spotlicks, Jason Vomit, Power is poison, Cow Mag
[Download PDF page 1-52]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #6


This issue will be out as a paper zine as fast as I find a decent place to copy the shit at. Meanwhile is it just to download it here. I will soon upload a version so you can download it and print it by your fucking own. Feel free to send a comment or use it in which way you fucking want

1. Schizo Fanzine #6 page 1-52
(new download from mediafire. it's better than the other shit)

2. Schizo Fanzine #6 for fanzine print.
Pages are sorted so you can do your own fanzine

3. Read it right here and now...
flip pages easy and if you want a bigger size just click on the page

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Schizo fanzine #6. Cover

Schizo Fanzine #5

(update: july 26 2010.)

Yes, at least it's out. A month delayed, but I had some problems with my computer and the weather have made me lazy. But now... You will as usual have a few different ways to read, download, print, trade, sell... and it's FREE to download. If you wanna print it for your distro or trading, don't sell it too expensive. And it's no copyrights, but it would be nice if you inform me just for my own knowledge.

1. Download the PDF-file page 1-48

2. Read it on Issuu. If you sign up will you be able to download it there too

3. Download and print your own copy (where the pages are sorted for that purpose)
Print Pdf-page 1, turn the paper and print Pdf-page 2. New paper, print pdf-page 3, turn and print
Pdf-page 4... etc... it will be 12 papers - 48 pages. Get in touch if you don't understand

And if you wanna read it right here... here you are

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Schizo Fanzine #4

Ohoy, just 1 day delayed. New record. Here it is: Schizo Fanzine #4

This issue is very much dedicated to the girls in the punk scene. The interviews are with girl bands, and all other stuff except the ads and the reviews are written by girls, from all over the world and from all different kind of punk genres.

Fuck proofreading and fuck multinational fucking bastards who try to get rich in the name of punk

You will as usual have different options to choose. And remember, everything is FREE. Read it for free on the net, print it for free. Make your own copys for your distro. There is NO fucking (C). Just take what you want, but it would of course make me glad if you tell me what you do. Just Do It Yourself

1. Click here if you want to read Schizo #4 Page 1-40 on
(You can download the document as well if you become a member on That's free)

2. Click here if you wanna get Schizo #4 as a printable PDF-file and make your own copy
(You need to be a member on if you wanna download. But that's free)

3. You can also download Schizo #4 Page 1-40 from
Download link:
(That's a great punk community wich I really recommend you to join)

(Please, respect that I don't send any paper copys, I can't afford that. But feel free to make your own copys. Distros, if you don't wanna join, contact me and I will send you the document by email)

Read Schizo #4 right here.

Schizo news

You can read each and every issue of Schizo Fanzine on this site now. I have embed the html code in to the blog so it's just to click, zoom, read. But if you want to print it out I recomend you to follow the links. I can tell that the work with issue #4 is going well, and I have got lot's of response from girls all around the world.

It will not be lot's of "news" like this on this blog, only if important stuff will be happen.

Schizo Fanzine #3

Yeah, only two days delay, that must be the shortest delay for a fanzine ever? Haha.

We do as usual because Schizo Fanzine is F R E E Here's three options

1. Click here if you wanna read Schizo Fanzine page 1 - 40 on the net
You can sign up on issuu and download the pdf, but you don't need to sign up for reading

2. Click here for the printable file [pages are sorted for printing]
You have to sign up for issuu

3. Click here if you wanna download the printable file from Sky Drive
You will find both #1 and #2 here too. Click on Schizo #3 print. OBS! If you download from
this link maybe the file will be namned .pdf_ , just  erase the _ (underline) and you will
be able to open the pdf-file

* Please report to me if you can't download or if you have any other questions
schizodistro @

* Distros, feel free to print how many copys you want, but try to hold the
price as low as possible. Maybe you can trade against a beer or something else

* I hope next issue will be out in February (The girls vs. punk focused issue)

Read Schizo #3 right here

Schizofrehn Fanzine #2

Right in is Schizo Fanzine #2

Read Schizo Fanzine #2 on the net, just click on the link below
Schizo Fanzine #2 :

If you wanna make a real fanzine copy, here's the file with the pages sorted so you
can print it out on the front and backside of the paper. It will be totaly 9 papers
If you don't understand, but want to make a fanzine, dont hesitate to contact me
at [email protected]. It's totaly free to make your own copys, print them
out and trade for a beer or what you want. Don't sell them too expensive.

Distros, feel free to print some copys for your distro. But please contact me before
[email protected]

Schizo Fanzine #2 for fanzineprint

If you wanna contribute in #3, send me a mail.
Visit me at myspace,

Read Schizo #2 right here:

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Schizofrehn #1

Schizofrehn Fanzine # 1 June 2009
Interviews: Besthöven, Disagreed Fanzine, Barra Brava,
Sangre, Burnt Cross, Pipes and Pints and Harrington Saints

(this will just be able as a pdf fanzine right now, but you can print it out
by your self. NO Copyrights! But please tell me if you gonna steal, want
to suggest or have any ideas for trading or if you want me to review anything
for next issues.

(Please, spread this link to everyone you know.

You have 2 choices:
1. Download the PDF-file page 1-24
2. Download the PDF-file so you can print it out like a real fanzine. 24 pages (A5) = 6 papers with print on both sides
[page 24 - page 1] - [page 2 - page 23]...etc. Do you understand? =)

1. Read from page 1-24 or download as a PDF
2. Read or download the PDF and print as a real fanzine [PDF]

Please, send a comment if it doesn't work.
[email protected]
[check out the complete distro list in my blog]

Read Schizo #1 right here:

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